If you are a nervous patient, or are looking for a pain-free dentist visit, then sedation may be the solution for you.

Many patients find a visit to the dentist to be a nerve-wracking experience. To help these patients feel at ease, or to enable patients to undergo more complex dental treatments, many of our practices offer sedation services. Sedation involves the use of anaesthesia to put a patient into a calm, restful state – similar to sleep, but remaining conscious. There are three main types of sedation that dentists use; these are explained in more detail below.

Inhalation Sedation

(Check with the Lumino practice to see if this is available)

  • Involves breathing in Nitrous Oxide Gas (also known as ‘happy gas’ or ‘laughing gas’)
  • Decreases pain sensitivity and gives the patient a pleasant level of sedation
  • Patients remain conscious and able to co-operate during the procedure
  • The effects wear off very quickly after treatment
  • There are no after effects


Oral Sedation

‚Äč(Check with the Lumino practice to see if this is available)

  • Sedative that is administered in tablet or liquid form, usually taken one hour before your appointment
  • Lasts between two and six hours.
  • Patients usually have little memory of the treatment once completed.
  • For safety reasons, patients must have someone to collect them and take them home after their appointment.

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